Meet Susan

I am commited to
Honor, Belonging, and Enchanted Play

Susan Kerby, international best-selling author, award-winning speaker, and soulful master speaker trainer stands for Speaking Your Truth. Susan has helped countless clients from more than twenty different industries and across three continents to bring their hearts’ virtues to their public speaking—co-creating talks that consistently have audiences saying, “I want that!” 

Susan has spanned the spectrum sharing her gifts and secrets with publicly traded companies, international training organizations, and icons of public speaking. During her 30-plus-year speaking career, she has transformed more than 15,000 lives from the stage.

Susan’s next book, Help! I’ve Got a Talk Coming Up!, is dedicated to sharing her 10-Step talk outline complete with hand gestures that make it quick-to-learn, easy-to-remember, and fun-to-play! Her Ten Steps to “I Want That!” has audiences hanging on every word, wanting what is being offered before they even hear, “Hello.”

Committed to honor, belonging, and enchanted play, Susan has a Divine gift for intuitively asking the right questions; hearing what is in the unsaid; and translating and simplifying the soul’s unique message into memorable talks. She has mastered the art of designing talks that incorporate what’s been hiding below the surface that wants to be shouted from the rooftops. She ensures that her clients get to be who they were born to be—not who they’ve been trained to be. At the core of Susan’s work is this message: Shine your light and be found by the people you are meant to serve.

After losing her home and a lifetime of possessions in a wildfire, Susan and her husband, Russ, set out on a journey to find the gift in the tragedy. Thanks to good insurance, they now own four acres of paradise in the desert hills rising out of Phoenix in serene Carefree, AZ. Their retreat-like home has amazing views, an infinity pool, and a separate casita for hosting Susan’s boutique speaker retreats. There, on her private stage, her clients step into the truth of who they are with power and grace; discover how to connect soul to soul; and learn to inspire an audience’s desire.

Susan is highly esteemed for speaking the honest truth in a way that is compassionate, playful, and empowering. Susan sees the beginning and she sees the end, and she counts on the miracle in the middle. Her clients affirm, “The miracle always comes” and proclaim, “Susan is the answer to my prayers.”

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